Pack Expo 2019

This year, Wexxar Bel will be showcasing a number of new features for their machines. With exciting new machine integrations and upgraded options, see what Wexxar Bel has to offer at booth #C-2824 within the ProMach pavilion.

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The upgraded Flex E Pack system will include the new 2-person pack station fully integrated with the case former and sealer. providing seamless transitions between all operators and the machine, the Flex E Pack is guaranteed to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. This year, the Flex E Pack will be paired with the WF20 and BEL 252.

This Year's Featured Machines

The DELTA 1H is Wexxar Bel's new fully automatic hot melt case former with the modular rapid load magazine system. The machine at Pack Expo will include not only the ultra-reliable patented Pin & Dome system, but also the Auto Adjust feature which automatically performs a case size change with the push of a button.

The redesigned DEKKA SE (Version 3) improves upon one of the best tape heads in the market. Longer wipe-down and apply arms, deeper cutting and tool-less tension changeover have completely improved the core functions of the tape head. This year at Pack Expo, the DEKKA SE v3 will be in action on the floor within Wexxar Bel machines.

Integrated with the IPAK TF200, the BEl 270 will have a special wider ski for folding split minor flap trays as well as a case top side compression option for underfill cases.

The IPAK TF200 split minor trays will be paired with the BEL 270, featuring an advanced gluing system that offers reduced adhesive consumption, clog-free operation that minimizes downtime, and more. A second HMI is also installed to increase flexibility and adaptiveness of the machine in any plant layout.

A unitized semi-automatic form, pack, top and bottom system, the BEL 5252u comes standard with a KDF Box Stand attachment, with options for a Nestaflex Conveyor and Accumulation Table.

The WF30T fully automatic case former/case erector with Auto Adjust will be shown at Pack Expo. The Auto Adjust package allows the machine to be enhanced in precision, performance, and reliability.

The BEL 5150u is a semi-automatic form, pack, and top and bottom seal system perfect for standard case size applications. With the Uni-drive system to eliminate case skew, it has a reduced machine footprint, making it suitable for plant layouts with limited space. 

The BEl 290T high speed fully automatic tape case sealer with Auto Adjust will be shown in action at Pack Expo. Designed for heavy-duty applications with the Uni-drive System and constructed with high quality components, the machine is guaranteed to deliver long-lasting, reliable, low maintenance performance.

Find us at Pack Expo 2019 at booth #C-2824 or contact us here!


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