The New BEL 505 V2

Higher Performance, Lower Cost

The BEL 505 V2 is the latest iteration of the "classic" BEL 505 with significant improvements on all facets of the machine. With a few design and component tweaks and some core material and construction changes, the BEL 505 V2 provides better performance, improved usability, longer product life while significantly reducing the operating costs of the machine.

What's Improved?

27% lower air consumption, even lower operating costs

5" new standard minimum width for larger case size range

Corrosion resistant to increase  product life for lower cost of ownership

Upgraded Pneumatics

Air Consumption per Cycle

One of the biggest changes on the BEL 505 V2 is the upgraded pneumatic system that requires less air while providing stronger and faster folding mechanisms, resulting in higher throughputs and a better and more square case. These upgrades make thicker corrugated or stiff cases no problem for the BEL 505 V2. 

With 27% reduced air consumption, the BEL 505 V2 significantly reduces the operating costs of the machine. Actual cost savings are even greater as most operations have imperfect or inefficient air systems where the cost of air is amplified.




Greater Flexibility with Larger Case Size Range

The standard minimum width has been reduced to 5", similar to that of the BEL 505G4. This provides greater flexibility to the standard machine to adapt to the changing needs of the market, where companies are utilizing smaller case sizes. The larger case size range eliminates custom modifications that the previous BEL 505 would have needed to accommodate for the needs of previous applications.


Improved Construction, Longer Product Life



Almost all parts on the BEL 505 V2 are either anodized aluminum, stainless steel or other corrosion resistant material. This has also increased the overall robustness of the machine, reducing, wear and tear, increasing product life, and further reducing cost of ownership.

Better Usability and Serviceability

By removing the width changeover lock, the BEL 505 V2 eliminates previous issues that often led to machine damage due to user errors. With an easier no-lock size change and repositioning the pneumatic controls, the machine is also quicker and easier to service.


New - No locks required 

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While the design is new, the advantages of the classic BEL 505 still remain including high customizability as the most flexible machine in the BEL 505 line. With the new design, the increased performance and additional reduction in cost of ownership even further solidify the BEL 505 V2 as the best case erector on the market for hand-pack lines.

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